Almost ten years

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While I was writing my daily post a few days ago, I realized that in a few weeks, I would celebrate my tenth anniversary with Sketchin. My first day in the studio was November 19th.

I think that at the time, we were something like 12 people or so.

I remember that I had a lot of conversations with Luca before joining the studio. I was coming from a disastrous experience with a design studio, and I was reluctant to accept the offer.

He told me about his dream, and I found him highly passionate and sincere in what he was speaking. Ten years of work together have demonstrated that he was not lying and was not trying to lure me with bullshit.

After our last lunch, I went home and took the children to the park. I spent the entire afternoon laughing and playing with them. I went to bed, but I was not able to sleep. I had to make a decision.

Around 1 am, I made up my mind. I wanted to join Sketchin.

I was sold a dream, and that dream has become chiefly a reality. 

No regrets at all.

It is worth trying to understand why I decided to stay with this company for such a long time:

  • The first and most significant reason is the dream that Luca sold me. “I want to build the best place in the world where to practice design.” I think we have always worked towards this direction. Are we there? No, we are not, and we will probably never get there. Nevertheless, the trip is still fascinating, and I work daily to make that dream a reality.
  • I am surrounded by the most talented and passionate people I have ever met in my career. People who care about what they do. Well, the vast majority of them, to be honest.
  • The ability to make things happen. Within Sketchin and with our clients and partners. Be careful that this is not happening because of my fancy job title. Everyone in Sketchin can do the same thing if they want to.
  • You can say “No” if you will. 
  • I never liked the narrative that a company is like a family. Family is a different thing and much more valuable than any company. I feel part of something valuable I want to take care of.
  • Just like everyone in Sketchin, I have been allowed to give my best to the company and other people. That does not always happen, but we always try our best.
  • Everyone is trying his best. Uncommon in other companies. Every hurdle we find down our road is addressed in the best way possible given the limitations we have.
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