Apple Vision Pro

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Yesterday I was looking at the Apple WWDC event, where they unveiled the Vision Pro.

During the event, I was thinking:

  • There is not a single flat surface on the Vision Pro hardware. Everything is curved. I went to sleep with a prayer for the hardware engineers that will have to make the Vision Pro production ready. Best of luck, guys. As a side note, Apple will be unable to produce the headset at a very high volume.
  • Apple said that they applied for more than 5000 patents for the Vision Pro. That’s an incredibly high amount. Only those companies with the economic power of Apple could sustain such an effort. We can count them on the fingers of one hand.
  • Tim Cook, and his colleagues, never used the term Metaverse.
  • The narration of the house where the Vision Pro was pictured left me bittersweet—big houses, high-quality interior design, extreme minimalism, and tidiness. I am looking around at my home right now, and it does look like what Apple was suggesting as the Vision Pro environment.
  • 3.499 US dollars is costly.
  • No sign of potential interaction between users wearing the Vision Pro. They showed how you would look like a human while interacting with other humans without the Vision Pro, but no idea of how it will behave when two people wear the hardware in the same room.
  • Tim Cook said: “One more thing!”
  • No mention of AI. Yeah, he talked about machine learning, but not in the context of interaction with a chat. 
  • We must wait at least six months to see the device in stores. I hope they will try to eliminate the ugly external battery, even if it will be tough.
  • I feel like it is like a technology showcase.
  • Thinking about what they showed us, Apple imagine us using the device: on a chair, in front of a flat surface, on a plane seat, and while lying in bed.
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