Being fair

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Sketchin has been built and run with a clear purpose. We wanted it to be the best place where to practice design. If we were able to create such a place, we would be able to deliver great design to our clients, and money will come as a byproduct.

You may think we were gullible. It was not the case.

Giving freedom to our people, letting them take risks, influencing the company strategy from the ground up, and allowing them to participate in the company’s inner work was the best way to accomplish our goal. The original scope was much broader than this, but I wanted to give you an idea.

Unfortunately, we are not there yet, and we will never be. The transformation is a continuous process that will never stop. You must adapt every day to reach what I call “the dream.”

If from one side, the company is still committed to making a dream come true, on the other side, you need the same level of commitment. 

It will never work if you don’t have the same level of commitment from both sides.

If we think about the Agile Manifesto, you may remember a couple of things:

– Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

– Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Those two principles are essential to Sketchin, and we must NEVER forget those.

Sketchin is a good place where to work, but it is a very demanding one.

It is very demanding because you must endlessly contribute to the company’s evolution. You can’t just sit there, do your work and collect the paycheck at the end of the month. It will never work that way.

If you don’t contribute, you can’t complain. 

I have to confess I have been guilty in recent times. I have been far away from the two fundamental principles I cited before. This has been a terrible mistake, and I am taking action. Today.

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