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When I read a book, I write notes on the side of the pages, and I usually highlight those passages that I find interesting with a 2B pencil. Each time I write a note or highlight a quote, I write the page number at the end of the book. I can easily find what I wrote or what I highlighted when I look at the book at a later time. When I finish the book, I copy notes and passages on my current paper notebook.

Things have become easier with the Kindle. I can automatically sync with my Obsidian note with the Kindle Highlights plugin.

From time to time, I go back to those and start rereading them. 

Some notes end up in posts, and others turn into personal projects. Most of them remind me of what I found interesting when I read the book.

As I always said, some books are good for you at a particular point time. Something that you find exciting today may not be the same in the following years. 

This also happens with my notes and highlights. Sometimes, I ask why I did write those words or why I highlighted a specific passage. Why the hell did I find this sentence worth highlighting?

The answer is quite simple. Your situation and perception of the world surrounding you change over time. And with that perception, the way you perceive things changes.

Those notes are significant and have a meaning at that specific time. 

Time goes by, and they lose their original value. They represent a moment in your life. A moment that is worth remembering over time.

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