Gaming PC?

Photo by Tai Bui on Unsplash

Sometimes, I get caught up in building myself a personal computer to devote to video games.

Immediately I look up at my Playstation, and the layer of dust covering it makes me desist.

Not only that.

It may be that I am getting old, but I suspect that building a PC nowadays has become more complex than it used to be, especially for a computer dedicated to gaming.

I tried watching a few videos and was impressed by the many options available today. Cases, motherboards, cooling systems, processors, memory, and graphics cards. A real mess in which I can’t find my way around.

The first discovery is that there is no price limit. To build a dedicated video game machine, you can spend whatever available money. There is no upper limit. 

The second discovery is that, in the end, there is no game that I feel is worth playing. To me, multiplayer gaming is totally on my balls. For me, video games have always been a form of escapism. I get to play and immerse myself in a parallel mode where it’s just me and the game. I have no desire to compete except with myself. I don’t want to have social interactions with other players. I want to be on my own and have fun for some time.

This is another element that makes me desist from the temptation to embark on assembling a personal computer.

I tried watching a few videos on twitch of players streaming their games. I became anxious. Video games have reached such complexity that I doubt I could find them entertaining. I see these players scrolling through menus at a speed that I would not be able to sustain. 

And that’s not even counting the muss that every community inevitably brings with it. Invitations, accusations of cheating, time to spend on something that should be escapism, and on and on.

I don’t know, I may have gotten too old, but the world of gaming in 2022 does not particularly appeal to me.

Ultimately, I always go back to my classics and rediscover the taste of a time that now seems lost to me forever. 

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