I missed a beat

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

Yesterday I traveled to Zurich for a bunch of business meetings. I woke up at 5.30, completed my morning routine, and jumped in the car to reach the train station. The traffic was unpredictable, and I arrived at the station well in advance.

When I travel to Switzerland, I have my Swiss phone with me. Data roaming is still a big mess, and I am forced to travel with two phones.

I was not alone and had the opportunity to talk pretty much all day about a few things around Sketchin. 

I think we addressed more things in those five hours train trip than in the last month full of conference calls. 

I arrived at the Zurich station and jumped on another train. I placed my Swiss phone under my legs and started talking again.

I left my phone on the seat when I dropped off the train.

Since I am not used to having two phones, I noticed I lost the phone only later. I launched the Find My app, marked the phone as lost, and erased the content for security reasons. I was staring at the map and looking at my phone traveling in Zurich. Nobody called me even if I placed my contact details on the lock screen with the Find My app. At some point in time, the phone stopped updating its position. Someone picked it up and turned it off. Ok, it is going to be lost forever. No big deal. It was a really old phone with no value on the market. 

The problem was that I had no Internet connections, which would be all day long.

I was then buried in business meetings. I reached the station around 6pm to go back home. Long story short. I arrived home around 9pm.

I checked my work emails, which I neglected all day, and took care of the most urgent things. 10.15pm. As one of my old colleagues said: it is already tomorrow.

While brushing my teeth, I realized I did not write anything on Corrente Debole. 

I missed a beat.

I found it unbelievable not to find ten minutes to write my daily post. Having a tough day may happen. Not being able to find a small window for some personal stuff is crazy.

I am convinced that we must find a way to be much more efficient in what we do. When I say ‘We,’ I mean Sketchin. There is too much waste of energy, and we need to address that issue as fast as possible.

Then I felt guilty. I committed to writing a post every day, and I missed the goal. Writing that post every day is when I can stay away from everything and think about whatever comes to mind. It is a safe space where I can hide, even if for only ten minutes. 

This is why I felt guilty about missing it. I had such a day where I could not find ten minutes for myself and the people I care about. I could not answer my children’s phone calls, I didn’t message my significant one, and I didn’t write my daily post. 

This is wrong.

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