MacBook Air M2

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

Following the latest Apple product announcements, I must confess I have wanted to reach for my credit card and buy a MacBook Air M2.

For the records, I didn’t buy one.

Before configuring my new MacBook, I wanted to check how much my old MacBook Air M2 was worth with the Apple trade-in program. I went through all the required steps to get a quote, and finally, Apple confirmed that they could give me 400 Euros. No, Apple. I am sorry, but I don’t get this quote. My machine is less than one year old and in pristine condition. It is worth more than what you are offering me. I am also thinking about you selling this machine, that will be refurbished, for much more than that amount of money.

At the very same time, I questioned myself about this purchase. Is it something that I need? Right now?

You know the answer. It was a big, sounding no.

My MacBook Air M1 is perfect. It has all that I need. His 16 Gb RAM and 512 Gb SDD, and incredibly long battery life, make it the ideal machine for my needs.

I use this MacBook to develop all of my personal projects, I use it for writing, and it is my primary content consumption device. I never felt the need for more power or storage.

One negative thing is that it cannot run the Unity IDE decently, but I have to say that my work computer, a 32 Gb Intel 16″ MacBook Pro, sucks at that. The new MacBook Air M2 would not be any better with Unity.

Once upon a time, I would not have resisted. I would have bought the new machine and sold separately the old one. That’s no more the case.

For no apparent reason, I have entered a new phase where I am less keen on spending money on new gadgets. It happened during the pandemic, and it happened without me noticing until recent days.

Again. I do not have any reason to move to the new hardware apart from the great feeling about the new industrial design. The new design is superb, and the new colors are also fantastic. Not enough to trigger a purchase. Shelling out more than 2.500 euros is not something I am willing to do.

Apple, we will catch up at the next round.

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