On being productive

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After my holidays, Medium started to think I needed help with being more focused and productive. And the endless count of articles on productivity has begun to appear on my suggested reading list. I don’t understand how the recommendation engine is working here, but that is what is happening.

I read a few of those articles, and I was sure that this behavior would have increased the number of articles suggested in the upcoming days.

Nevertheless, I was curious.

None of them were beneficial.

Every single article misses the most important point: every human is different.

It is impossible to write a recipe that will work for everybody. I started to push the “show less like this” button.

When I want, I can be productive. I doubt the methods and tools I use to be productive will work for someone else. They are built around the way my brain and body work. They are strictly tailored to me, and they fit my behavior.

In the few articles I have read, I haven’t found any suggestions that could improve my productivity. Most are just a list of common sense advice like “Sit in a quiet room if you want things done.”

Come on.

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