The poo incident

Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

Am I going to post something about poo? I guess so.

Traveling with Buzz is a lot of fun. Sometimes you need to face some incidents mostly related to his needs. I have heard terrible stories about dogs traveling. Some of them don’t like a long trip in a car; some miss their home environment, some bark at everything they don’t know, and, sometimes, you need to deal with the poo incident.

We were traveling on a hot day. Not a very long trip. Less than three hours. We did not find a good park close to our house, so we had to walk for a bit with Buzz and all of the luggage we had for the weekend.

I was planning to bring Buzz to do his stuff close to our home. As you can imagine, we didn’t make it.

Exactly in downtown, a critical ‘poo episode’ went by. I have tons of bags in case of need, but it couldn’t work. I had to clean up in the worse possible scenario. Buzz is almost 40 Kg, and you can imagine what he can produce as waste. Ok, I had some towels and started cleaning the street under local shop owners’ surveillance. I entered a bar and bought two water bottles to clean the road.

As I was cleaning, a butcher looked at me without saying anything but with the explicit intention of judging the quality of my work. 

After a few minutes, a fishmonger came out of his store and handed me a large amount of paper to help clean the street. I warmly thanked the fishmonger and apologized to them for what happened.

All the rest of the people were looking at the scene, and someone was laughing.

Three different approaches to someone who was in distress.

I think this is the perfect representation of people’s behavior these days. This is why poo is relevant to this argument.

I am sure you already know which is the one who will get my money in the future.

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