You are not my friend

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

I have come back from the holidays intending to revise my digital ecosystem. I may call it digital minimalism if you will. 

I want to reduce my time on things I don’t need and services I don’t use anymore. 

I started by disabling every automatic renewal on the services I am currently using. When they expire, I will decide if I need them again or if it is time to dismiss them.

At the same time, I unsubscribed from every marketing mailing list I currently receive. Usually, I go into my inbox and delete those messages without reading them. That’s a waste of time and aggression to my time.

The funny thing is that most unsubscribe pages tell me something like, “We are sorry to see you go.” 

That’s a big lie.

That wording is something that you say to a friend, not a customer. If I have bought something from you, that doesn’t mean we have become closer. We did not become friends. You are just trying to put your hands in my purse again. 

I think this behavior has to stop, which is why I am taking action.

I am sure I will miss something I can care about, but I trust the Internet serendipity, and sooner or later, I will find it somewhere sooner or later.

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