A quick and dirty test

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

I found myself in the position of writing a small command line Python tool for one of my colleagues. Something pretty simple. Get a contacts list from a Google Sheet and create Lead objects on Salesforce. 

Easy stuff. It should not require more than a couple of hours, testing included.

I decide to take a test with this.

I would not write a single line of code.

I describe every single function in the application as a comment and let GitHub CoPilot do the coding for me.

Well, It took twenty minutes to have the application up and running—a few tweaks here and there, mostly on prompts and error messages.

The exciting thing is that those functions are written using my programming style. Honestly, I would have written those functions in the same way. It must be said that GitHub CoPilot has access to all of my private repositories, most of them coded with Python, so it is pretty easy to guess my (not so pythonic) programming style.

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