It’s not the tool; it’s your brain

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

I was browsing our Slack channel this morning. I entered one of those and found a reference to 

The basic idea of this service is to write a sentence that describes the UI design you need, and it will provide you with a complete UI design that you can edit later in Figma. 

I guess that out of the box, you could think: “The designer job is going to die!”

Read the previous sentence carefully. There is a verb: think. 

That’s the key.

The most important responsibility of a designer is to think, not to build a nice-looking UI design. That’s the last part of any project, like 10% of the total work. It is pure execution. Be careful; I am not talking about the design language you will use in your UI design. I am talking about asset production.

If there is something that, in a more or less smart way, can cut off production time, that’s welcome. I would be keen to pay for it. 

The reality is that the designer’s work is being able to write that sentence. And that’s where the talent resides. And the money too 😉

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