I just want to end a contract

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Recently I had to close a contract with my Internet Service Provider. I don’t live anymore in that house, and they decided to switch to another operator.

Closing the contract has been a mess. It is impossible even if they tell you that you can do that online or with an operator. At least, I have not been able to.

I had to go with the standard snail mail in Italy we call “Posta Raccomandata.” It is the easiest way to ensure that a letter will be delivered to the intended recipient. This is funny enough. The postal service should dispatch mail to the intended recipient as the core of their service. This may be another exciting post for the future.

I had two options to send that letter: go to the local post office or use an online service. I opted for the latter. 

The letter was delivered, and my contract was terminated.

I then received an email message that told me I would be contacted by an operator to “listen to my suggestions and make the verifications needed to close the contract.”

Why do you need to speak to me? Is it just retention, or do you only want more money from me to close the contract?

In 2022 I do not understand why i can’t leave a service without any hassle. I can signup to every service in less than five minutes, and it always take ages to leave.

This is simply wrong.

Needless to say I will never answer a call from them.

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