I picked up the wrong Kindle

Photo by Gleyvison Anselmo on Unsplash

My preferred Kindle reader was the Kindle Oasis. I think I bought it while on a trip to San Francisco. At the time, I thought it was the best reader I could get.

I used it for years. One morning I woke up and I left it on my bedside table. Buzz, the dog, just arrived home and was a few months old. I left my bedroom door open, and that was my mistake.

Usually, Buzz behaves like my shadow. He is never more than a few meters from where I am, which is why I was surprised when I didn’t see him in the studio while working. 

Something was happening.

I searched for him around the house and found him in the bedroom. He was sitting on the bed, something he was not allowed to do, and he was happily chewing my Kindle Oasis.

First, I was worried about the LiIon battery being damaged. As you know, those batteries do not like being exposed to any water. I was concerned Buzz could get hurt by flames and vapors.

Second, I was left with a nonworking Kindle. No reprimand on Buzz. He was just a puppy trying to have fun. That was one of the few episodes where Buzz destroyed something in the house.

I am a heavy Kindle user, and I needed a replacement. I went to the Amazon website to order a new Kindle Oasis. They were all out of stock, and there was no availability date. 

I ended up ordering a Kindle Paperwhite. It was not my first choice, but it was the only one available for after-day delivery.

When I started using it, I found it was much more comfortable than the Kindle Oasis. The battery on the Oasis is mainly on the side, and the balance is not perfect, at least to me. The battery life of the Paperwhite was significantly higher than the Oasis. Weeks instead of days.

What started as a second choice ended up being the best choice. 

And this is the reason why I am trying to understand why the Oasis was my first choice. 

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